KBAYO Luxury Mens Beachwear Presents: PRIDE IN MOTION

Introducing PRIDE IN MOTION, a limited edition line within our Summer 2024 collection by KBAYO Luxury Mens Beachwear, your local Miami brand committed to celebrating diversity and making a difference. This exclusive collection embodies our belief that true strength lies in unity and support. With our slogan, "Swim Strong, Support Stronger," we invite you to take part in a movement that’s both stylish and meaningful.

Celebrate Diversity in Style

Our PRIDE IN MOTION collection features two premium swimsuits, each designed in the vibrant colors of the trans flag. Choose between a striking light blue or a soft pink, both available in sizes XS to 3XL, ensuring everyone can proudly and comfortably participate. Each swimsuit is crafted with the highest quality materials, delivering the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and durability.

Make a Statement

More than just swimwear, these pieces are a declaration of solidarity. The back of each swimsuit is boldly emblazoned with the message "SUPPORT OUR TRANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS." This powerful statement serves as a reminder to all that pride is not only a celebration but also a commitment to uplift and support one another.

Perfect Pairings

To complement the swimsuits, each comes with a matching tank top in the same resonant hues. These tank tops also feature the supportive message on the back, allowing you to continue making a statement whether you're by the pool, at the beach, or walking through the city. The collection ensures you stay stylish while making a significant impact.

Beyond Fashion

At KBAYO, we believe in walking the talk. That’s why 100% of the proceeds from the PRIDE IN MOTION collection will be donated to an LGBT organization supporting the trans community. Your purchase not only enhances your wardrobe but also directly contributes to a cause that fosters acceptance, support, and equality.

Join the Movement

This summer, let your style reflect your values. Dive into the PRIDE IN MOTION limited edition line and wear your pride with purpose. And remember, every season collection will feature PRIDE IN MOTION products to continue our support for the trans community.

Swim strong, support stronger with KBAYO Luxury Mens Beachwear.


Embrace the waves. Embrace the movement. Embrace Pride in Motion.