Havana View Silk Kaftan


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The Havana View Silky Kaftan, is a LIMITED EDITION design, SUMMER 2022 Tropical Opulence Collection, handmade by the Luxury Men's Beachwear Brand KBAYO.

KBAYO luxury men's swimwear brand, all the products are limited edition, made with the best fabrics and exclusive designs. Get your KBAYO today and look fancy in your next Pool or Yacht Party, Cruise or just lounging at home. KBAYO only manufactures 3 products by size per design. We guarantee the highest quality materials, handmade and fastest Free Shipping


This limited edition men's swimsuit is 100% designed in Miami Beach and manufactured with the highest 

Composition: Silky Polyester 90% – Spandex 10%

 Kaftan Care: Dry Clean only

Cold Iron



INSPIRATION: KBAYO Swimwear is a LGBT owned swimwear brand, that makes its products with the highest quality materials, and with fair and honest manufacturing processes. 
KBAYO Swimwear is a brand inspired in Miami Beach lifestyle, art deco designs, sandy beaches, turquoise water. But also in the diversity of cultures, languages, lifestyles and ages. KBAYO is main for all the audiences but is proud to embrace the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans community, that is a very important part of the city. You can wear you KBAYO at a pool party, a cruise, a beach day, a brunch, as a gay pride, gay pool parties, sungay sundays.



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